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Drunk Girl at festival wearing Stars & Strips Thong gets a Labia Exposing Wedgie

Candid and Sitting Upskirts

The candid sitting upskirt. Any guy who says he doesn't look is either a liar, or dead.

A pretty young woman is sitting, or lying on the grass in a park. Or maybe she's sitting on some steps, reading a book, or talking on her phone. You notice she is wearing a skirt or dress. And somehow, perhaps because of distractions, the skirt or dress isn't covering everything it should. You are captivated - you can clearly see her panties. You now know what she thinks only she knows - the color and style of what she's got covering her girl meat. Maybe if you are really lucky it will be a pair of see through panties or a thong!

Common misconception # 1: You're less likely to see an upskirt if a woman is wearing a long skirt or dress. Women often get very careless when they wear something with a hem line that goes below the knee, so keep an eye on those long skirts and dresses, chances are you'll get a real eye full, like the woman in the middle picture below - she was sure her ankle length skirt had everything covered up.

Common misconception # 2: Women want you to see their panties. Sure, occasionally you will see a real exhibitionist, but most of the time what you are seeing is an accidental panty flash. There are quite a few women who believe that as long as they keep their knees pressed tightly together, nothing can show. But all it takes is a little gap between the calves, like in the sample picture on the left below, and suddenly you've got a great upskirt view.

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Woman studying map suffers Wardrobe Malfunction that exposes her labia

Girl in ankle length skirt does not realize that her white lace panties are exposed as the hem rides up

Pubic hair is visible through sexy white see thru panties while this woman studies her guide book and forgets to cross her legs carefully

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